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In current times technology has allowed almost anyone to connect such as, texting, calling, email, and other forms of chat. However, with all this technology how is it affecting our interpersonal relationships? Technology is ripping the human connection apart due to, people being dependent on their devices, we text more than we talk, and children being exposed to technology sooner.
Technology is causing people to be dependent on their devices for communication. Larry D. Rosen is a psychology professor at California State University and he wrote an article about how technology has made people addicted and dependent on their devices. Rosen wrote, (2015) “An important aspect of technology addiction is that it interferes with “normal” life …show more content…

People no longer make the human connection while hanging out, and some would rather be glued to their phones instead of being in the moment. When people communicate through text they are unable to convey emotions through the text however, when they talk face to face they can hear and see the emotion in the other person. So, by using technology to communicate they are not effective because we are unable to make the human connection with someone and communicate effectively.
With current technological advances children are being exposed to technology at earlier ages. This early exposer could cause youth to find material not suitable for their age this could also expose them to other children which could result in bullying. Tori DeAngellis said (2011), “About 40 Percent of bullying still takes place in person, compared with 10 percent through phone calls, 14 percent by text messages, 17 percent online and 10 percent in some other way” (p. 2). Tori DeAngellis fails to point out that 51 percent of bullying takes place online which could result in children being bullied which might result in situations that children are unable to understand or handle properly. Also, children using technology to communicate through text or email may have grammatical errors because they may use slang or abbreviation. Ruth Campell is a reporter for the southern Missourian and she covers K-12 learning. Ruth Campbell (2015) said, “Students

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