Technology And The Global Workplace

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1. Introduction & Review of Existing Literature
“Innovation is fostered by information gathered from new connections, from insights gained by journeys into other disciplines or places, from active, collegial networks and fluid, open boundaries. Innovation arises from ongoing circles of exchange, where information is not just accumulated or stored, but created. Knowledge is generated anew from connections that weren’t there before” ~Margret J Wheatley
To Margret Wheatley, travel, new networks, knowledge transfer and quite possibly, a general practice of transcendence from traditional boundaries was essential for effective innovation. Not only do foreign experiences open your eyes to the existence of the misty mountains of Mordor, they teach you to gather knowledge and enlist support from the unlikeliest of networks, and more importantly, to change your thought process, abandon preconceived notions and conjure up creative solutions to fight dynamic demons.
Closer to home, there are two key trends that are shaping the global workplace. In their 2013 report “Talent Mobility: 2020 and beyond”, PriceWaterhouseCoppers postulated through a survey of 900 companies that employee mobility and innovation are the corporate trends du jour in the forthcoming years.
The reason for this aforementioned conclusion is that organizations worldwide have individually and collectively agreed on the perceived benefit of mobility programmes. Following in the footsteps of globalization, many
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