Why Innovation Needs Both Art And Science

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In an article by Walter Isaacson in The Agenda that has been titled Why Innovation Needs Both Art and Science, the issue of approaching innovation both as an art and as science is highlighted. The author has postulated that approaching management in a single perspective, either as art or as a science, limits the effectiveness of the management approach that has been used. Isaacson points out that the most prolific thinkers can forge an interaction between science and the humanities. Success in the contemporary world is determined largely, by the ability of the management team to approach the management process both as an art and as a science. Isaacson postulates the notion that beauty and engineering have to be compounded if the management approach is to be deemed successful. In the traditional setting, the management approach adopted either an artistic or a scientific approach (Abramson & Littman, 2002). Such a limited meshing between the two approaches served to limit the potential of the management approach. Isaacson argues that an artistic approach to management enables the management team to approach management from a different point of view. The writer has given the example of Steve Jobs as a leader who strived to inculcate elements of both art and science in his management approach. While the writer has endeavored to point out that there is a need for the inculcation of science and artistic approach in the management approach, there is little information that has

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