Technology And The Transmission Techniques

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eye cannot detect, so the result in form of light appears constant and hence offering connectivity. More sophistication in the transmission techniques can further maximize the transfer of data rate through VLC. Till now this technique was implemented through white LED bulbs only but groups at the University of Oxford and the University of Edinburgh are focusing on parallel data transmission by the use of multiple LEDs or array of LEDs, where each LED allows a different stream of data. Mixtures of red, blue, green LEDs are also used by some teams to encode different data channels by varying the light frequencies. In simple words we can consider it to be a light based Wi-Fi which has achieved high speed in the labs at Heinrich Hertz institute in Berlin, Germany of around 500 megabytes per second by the use of a standard white-light LED. So quiet obviously, modems would be replaced by transceiver incorporated LED lamps which can fulfill the purpose of lightening the room as well as transmitting the data. The technology makes use of a part of an electromagnetic spectrum and was demonstrated at 2012 consumer electronics show in Los Vegas where a pair of Cisco smartphone was used to transfer data using light of varying intensity from screens. This technique is put into effect by using a light bulb at the downlink transmitter. Normally the light bulb lightens up at a uniform current supply however the variations in current can be made to display the optical outputs since it
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