Mid-Module Communications Assignment. In This Assignment,

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Mid-module Communications assignment
In this assignment, I am looking at communications in several different ways. These are to, Understand the importance of the role of communication in the workplace;
Understand how barriers to communication can impact upon an organisation meeting goals and objectives;
Understand how barriers to communication impact upon an individual and a team meeting their goals and objective;
Understand how strategies for overcoming barriers to communication can assist in meeting an organisation 's goals and objectives.
I will also be looking at how barriers to communication can impact upon an individual and a team when meeting an organisation 's goals and objectives, taking the strategies available to assist in …show more content…

Diagonal communications- this occurs between employees in different sections of a building/organisation.
Oral communications- this is having the ability to communicate through speaking well.
Upon reading several online sites about communication and looking at quotes on communication to define this further there is a rather fitting quote that I came across “Good, the more communicated, more abundant grows” (John Milton accessed 09/02/17. I believe as I explain communications this will become an extremely fitting quote within any environment.

Communications within a workplace.
Communications within a workplace are very important. The way we communicate can have an impact on a whole building. For example, if we are not communicating perhaps a spillage that needs cleaning up straight away, this one spillage could escalate into a whole bigger issue as someone might slip over creating injury and upset. Also, more people may become involved. So, communicating this issue to the right person at the time would have created less of a problem and a quick, smoothly dealt with situation. Within a work place there is always someone to manage these communications between their team.
This communication should start off from management, having a good manager/ leader is extremely important within a workplace.
“In 1948, Shannon was an American mathematician,

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