Technology Assists Students With Disabilities

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Assistive Technology Assists Students with Disabilities Michael O’ Leary is like any other student at Charlotte Wood Middle School in Danville, California. He has fun participating in classroom art projects, enjoys researching for and writing essays, and earns good grades. The only thing that sets Michael apart from other classmates is his severe physical disability: Michael has cerebral palsy, a disorder which impairs both bodily and cognitive abilities. However, because of the emerging technology being implemented into elementary, intermediate, and high school classrooms, disability no longer has to be a factor in the positive academic development of a child (Hayes, Heather B.). Technology in classrooms is a particularly controversial …show more content…

By the early 2000s, however, both classroom computer programs and online schooling became the popular means of providing quality education (“Technology and Education”). As technology becomes a more and more prevalent addition to classrooms today, the debate on whether technology is effective continues. Educational institutions, ranging from elementary schools to universities, are implementing online lessons, interactive computer programs, and computers into the everyday classroom environment. As technological development continues, researchers discover more and more ways to apply technology to the benefit of every type of student. Technology is not only positively changing the way students learn and research, but is additionally allowing students who were previously unintegrated into the mainstream classroom to not only join in, but also excel both socially and academically. Currently, students with disabilities are not receiving an adequate academic and social education. In January of 2017, the Supreme Court considered whether “federal law requires public schools to provide more than the bare minimum in special services for children with disabilities” (Supreme Court). Though the topic falls somewhat outside the margin of regular conversation, the countless examples of data which state that children with disabilities are not receiving the same educational experience as other children are must

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