Technology Audits : How They Work

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Karli Miller
MIS 552
Technology Audits: How They Work
April 17, 2015

A technology audit is a method of investigation. Its main purpose is to evaluate technological capacity and procedures. This is not only to ensure that everything a company is using is legal, but that it is also being used properly in order to sustain efficient and effective work. It is a process that helps identify the strong and weak points of technology through the knowledge of the company, or firm’s resources. It is known to help implement a strategy or action plan to improve technology for a company and its users.
The audit itself is carried out by external consultants along with management and personnel of the company. After the audit is complete, external consultants will set in place an action plan that will implement technological improvement. These action plans include information needed, or new technologies that could help the system run more smoothly. It is important that any information offered by the external consultants be taken seriously by management and implemented as soon as possible.
While the audit itself does not fix the technological problems, or issues, in itself it does provide ways in which to implement new procedures that could essentially fix the problems at hand, or make the problem easier to work around. Not all technological problems are fixable and with technology growing at the rapid rate it is now a days there will always be error codes and ways to manipulate the

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