Technology Improving Patient Experience Essay

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I’m inclined to agree with your statement on the importance of utilizing technology and data to improve patient experience. There is no question that technology is revolutionizing the way healthcare providers are delivering care to their patients. It’s obvious that technology has helped cultivate meaningful patient experiences as well as help improve the patients’ views on not only the provider—but on the entire healthcare profession in general. Years ago, I used to wonder why providers put so much focus on catering to and satisfying the patient. Isn’t it enough that the healthcare profession takes care of their medical problems and make sure they feel better?
I often heard the term Press Ganey scores and one of the doctors in my hospital explained to me the necessity of obtaining a favorable score to ensure the sustainability of the hospital as a business. Patients are the customers or clients and their satisfaction means higher retention rates which mean more consistent revenue, a crucial factor to any primary practice’s long-term success. HCOs need to leverage technology tools to improve the patient experience. One way of doing that is through operations management technology where hospitals can track detailed information on how their organization perform by aggregating data like …show more content…

I guess it goes to show that when the HCO prioritizes the patient experience, it becomes like a chain reaction where the other aspects of the business evolve as well. At the end of the day, providers will be more engaged with their patients allowing lesser time for documenting and more time to

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