The New Value Based Model Of Healthcare Delivery

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Patient-centric describes the new value-based model of healthcare delivery, which emphasizes care quality, improved outcomes, and patient satisfaction (HTI, 2014). Healthcare reform has put the spotlight on quality. Thus, healthcare organizations overall are becoming more patient-centric by selling consumers on the value of treating the whole person. Providers and facilities are being assessed on patient satisfaction, which is becoming a large part of the reimbursement equation. In order for healthcare organizations to achieve whole person care, and to decrease the rising costs of healthcare they will need to coordinate patients care across multiple healthcare venues, while incorporating technology. Murphy (2011), decisions that healthcare is now available in various venues outside the tradition hospital setting, which increases the need for coordination of care. She states that patients have choices and are becoming more involved in their healthcare decisions. However, not all patients want this type of involvement. She believes for healthcare costs to decrease, the model of care should be patient-centric where patients actively participates in their care and the delivery of care should be from the patient’s point of view. Therefore, if patients are going to play an active role in their healthcare decisions and help improve outcomes, technology practices will need to help. Murphy (2011) highlights four areas where technology can help with achieving
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