Technology : Taking Over Education

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Technology: Taking Over Education What does having a career in education mean? What does being a teacher who will always impact the students’ lives that she comes in contact with mean? Going into the education field, one has to have a lot of tricks up their sleeve to keep students involved and engaged. Tricks such as animated voices, interesting books, and fun online games. For example, in classes today teachers by themselves will only have a child 's attention for all of 10 minutes before they get bored or want to do the next activity. However, with the new additions to the traditional classrooms, (technology) children are enjoying learning much more. In society today, websites such as Khan academy are very well known. According to Chris Riedel of The Journal, he stated that ”Video is another tool that has been on the rise in recent years. While her presentation focused on students, Evans noted that 46 percent of teachers are using video in in the classroom.” For example, Khan academy is an educational organization created by a man who tutored his niece in 2006. This sensation is made up 3,200 educational videos in the form of YouTube videos. Khan academy is not just an accessory for the classroom, students also use this tool outside of class to help with their assignments. The factors that caused things like khan academy and Ted Talks to become popular is word of mouth. Also, groups similar to book clubs called parent teacher associations. These clubs gather around and

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