Technology In Schools

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are too dependent on the internet? In a think tank survey of 1000 adults, 15 percent of people said that technology is bad, 76 percent said it’s good and 8 percent say its good and bad (Risen). There has also been a rise of technology use in the government. Martha Dorris, Deputy associate administrator for citizen services at the General Services Administration created a brand of websites, and the Spanish version of it (Cox). These sites were viewed over 50 million times in 2012. Dorris consolidated government information and moved them to the cloud to save money (Cox). This enables citizens to connect to the crucial information that they need.
Moreover, there are many views that need to be interpreted and defined. Martin Blows, a …show more content…

Is it important to know when students are able to start using internet in school and what grade should this be? Again, everyone has a different opinion about this. In a study, computers were put into a kindergarten and first grade class, the kids were too into them and they actually disrupted their young learning (Cohen). The computers were like magnets and it brought on too many negative effects, they were then removed from the younger classrooms. Along with the technology in older classes, there was some other classroom curriculum that changed as well. For instance, there is no more cursive writing being taught in some areas. In the end, technology is a good thing but it can also have negative effects on many people. There has to be a balance with this and people need to understand the common effects it can have on so many people. Although, in some areas, people and schools can’t afford the new computers, smartphones, and other fancy gadgets. Can this be a good thing for them or will they be left behind in the dust with all the upcoming technological advances? Michael McEvory, president of the Canadian school boards association, says “at the end of the day, it’s just a learning tool. It’s a means to educate our kids, but it’s not the only means” (Cohen). He also recommends that there be tech free weekends for the kids so they can get outside and …show more content…

These sites can lead to a false sense of connection between individuals. It can also make it more difficult to distinguish between meaningful relationships in the real world, and the numerous relationships formed online (Jung). Decreased productivity is a major aspect in lives because people are even using social media at work, leading them to not get work done and possibly lose their job. Individuals should also pay attention to what they’re posting online, because employers can check it at any time. Another negative aspect of this is cyber bullying (Jung). This means there are vulnerable children and adults which can cause mental effects on victims. Cyber bullying is a serious topic that needs to be addressed and taken care of. There is also the issue of decreased privacy. Too much of personal lives are broadcasted on the internet and this can be dangerous because there are bad people on the other

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