Technology : The Negative Effects On Health And Health

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Technology is all around us and has definitely changed the way human beings live. For instance, we have become dependent on technology for many things including communication, transportation, and access to health care. Although, technology has greatly benefited human beings, it surely comes with many negative effects on the human mind and body. Therefore, it is important that humans are educated on the fact that technology may expose them to many risk factors. Specifically, technology in health care puts the consumer at risk for increasing healthcare cost, physical injury, and mental health issues. First, the creation of the cell phone has allowed humans to instantaneously communicate with one another by phone as well as, send pictures and videos in real time. The cell phone has also had a significant impact in health care for the patient and the healthcare providers. For instance, nurses and doctors are able to download health applications that allow them to have quick access to medical information. However, technology is not always reliable and mistakes such as computer glitches or loss of internet connection can not occur when caring for patients. Also, the overuse of the cell phone has been associated with physical health problems such as complaints of eye strain, migraines, and the newly discovered “text thumb” which is tendonitis in the thumb. Furthermore, technology has also been linked with unhealthy eating habits in adolescents which can put them at risk for

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