Technology in Education Essay

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Technology in Education

With technology benefiting various fields, life has suddenly become a joyful journey for everyone. In the simple forms, like electronic stoves, telephones displaying caller's ID and automobiles the ride of life has become a pleasure. In the same way, the lives of students have also taken a leap towards easiness. When we talk about technology in education the first and foremost advancement is the computer and internet. If a student has the Encyclopedia of Britannica or Microsoft's Encarta Encyclopedia on his/her computer, he rarely finds himself in a library or even on the internet. But for those who don't have these encyclopedias have the entire world of internet information at their finger-tips. …show more content…

Now with technology in picture, long distance calls have become much easier and considerably cheap. Nearly all students in an institute carry cell-phones making the above mentioned problem of worrisome parents seem small. Even though this involvement of mobile phone in the field of education is not that much, yet it's so useful that just about everyone has this equipment. Taking lectures was tiresome task, but with the introduction gadgets like; PDA, laptop and voice recorders, this dull work is now more enjoyable. Students no longer have to be attentive. All they need to do is record the instructor's lecture and take down notes at his own leisure. PDAs and laptops come in handy when the task at hand is more sophisticated and computer related. Introduction of scanners have made the chore of copying little less frustrating. Printers too are playing an important role. Notes taken from internet are easily edited, compiled and then printed. Photo-copying machine is the answer to many prayers also. Expensive books that only institutes can afford, can easily be borrowed and photo-copied for further reference. Libraries are a huge help in education and combined with technology, not only the staff has become more relaxed but the readers too now know that hanky-panky isn't possible as the records are now more authenticate. Computers with internet access are now available in libraries and a separate area is dedicated

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