Essay on Technology in Headrick´s Power over People

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As we progressed through the course, Modern World, the students were able to see various incidences of how technology either enhanced or deteriorated a civilization or a nation. One of the primary reads in the course was Headrick’s book, Power over Peoples. It is important to look at Headrick’s work and see just what is meant by his title, Power Over People. From what students have gathered, this means the use of technology as a means to gain an edge over another civilization, hence, using your power or technology to dominate another group of people. Furthermore, it is important to note just what is meant by the term “technology.” According to Headrick, technology is “all the ways in which humans use materials and energy in the …show more content…

The Albanians were the majority and the Serbians being the minority. In this situation, the Serbians oppressed the Albanians. In retaliation, the Albanians formed a terrorist group known as the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) which was a terrorist group that fought for the rights of the Albanians. The various actions taken by the KLA caused NATO involvement. Their involvement required a series of air raids and bombings to flush the Serbian people out of Kosovo. However, the story gets much deeper than that. As we delve deeper in to the situation, it becomes evident that negotiations were close to being met; however, they failed due to NATO “military annex” (Gibbs). Once the negotiation agreements failed, the US sided with the Albanians and proceeded to attack the Serbians. In their attack, the US used it superior technology (planes) to gain an advantage over the Serbs. Rather than constantly sending men in to harm’s way, the US released a series of air raids to flush out the Serbians. Now, from reading this one may think that the US fully achieved its goal by flushing out the Serbians which they did, but there is more as well. According to Dr. Grant Hammond, the US can say that they met their “goal” by purging Kosovo of the Serbians; however, “can’t say [they] “won” because [they] did not accomplish the established goals. As stated by President Bill Clinton, these [goals] were “to demonstrate the seriousness of NATO’s purpose so

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