Essay on The Bosnian War: the Fight for Independence

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The Bosnian War: the Fight for Independence
In 1992 Bosnia and Herzegovina had one the biggest genocide to come after WWII, in turn killing over 800,000 civilians. The war consisted of two factions, the Croats and Serbs, both wanting territory in Bosnia. Soon Radovan Karadžić, former Bosnian Serb president, created a special army to support the Serbs, soon the Serbs started the new policy for “ethnic cleansing” many areas of non-Serb. For it was later that it was to be decided that is was complete and utter genocide towards the innocent.
In 1990 Yugoslavia started to weaken from a multitude of political upheavals and other conflicts. Later resulting in the total separation of Yugoslavia, which was the main cause for why the war started. …show more content…

Originally placed there to protect the Sarajevo International Airport.
Ethnic cleansing was now taking its course as Serb army’s attacked non-Serb populations. Taking control of their towns, gathering everyone into groups, separating men from women to where they would have been beaten, killed, or raped. Many of the men that were gathered were separated into camps of different groups. Soon it was declared by the SDS leaders that they would gang with the JNA to storm the Prijedor region. More than 1,500 serbs stormed the region each being separated into specific groups. Each group was assigned on which area or buildings were to be taken over. women were scarce at these camps, but for the ones that were captured, they are beaten and repeatedly raped
Survivors were taken to Omarska camp, well known as a death camp. A total of 3,334 people were being held at the camp, every person being separated into 1 of three different buildings, administration, the hangar, and the courtyard. The Administration building was where people would be interrogated and killed. The hangar was where Serbs would torture people. The courtyard was also a torture area for the inmates. One small building in between the others was known as the “red house,” it was for prisoners to be executed.
Lasva Valley was the cause of over 2000 Bosnians missing or killed. People being persecuted on their race, religion, or political thinking, being either killed,

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