Teen Suicide Is The Third Leading Cause Death For High School Students

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Over the years teen suicide has increased tremendously. According to Michael Jellinek, “the adolescent may feel they have no choice but to end their intense internal suffering or to solve a hopeless dilemma by ending it all”(Preventing Teen Suicide). According to the Center of Disease Prevention, “suicide is the third-leading cause of death for high school students after car accidents and homicides”(Bratsis). Everyday teens are faced with internal struggles and challenges that are difficult to cope with and sometimes seem unbearable to live with. Many teens do not fully understand how their words, actions and behaviors affect certain individuals. Various subtypes classify the cause behind an individual’s decision to commit suicide. There are many causes for teen suicide such as emotional neglect, mental disorders, psychical and emotional abuse, and drug and alcohol abuse; however, the leading cause of teen suicide is individuals struggling with bullying, depression, and the overwhelming aspects of life. Addressing these three leading causes and encouraging teens to discuss how they are feeling could help decrease teen suicide rates. The following articles touch on teen suicide and the ongoing problems leading to this phenomenon. In Michael Bratsis’ article, “Preventing Teen Suicide” individuals are enlightened on the high rate of teen suicide. In the article Bratsis includes a study that offers statistics of teenagers that have considered suicide, attempted suicide, or

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