Teenage Independence Research Paper

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Teenage Independence “95% of teens ages 12-17 are online, 76% use social networking sites, and 77% have cell phones” (Anderson and Rainie). This can show that social media can help you in the long run. Teens can use their social media accounts to find a job. In order to find a great job, teenagers need to understand how to use their assets in their favor, get the best use out of social media and other outlets, and focus on the world around them, so that they can make an impact in the world while being gainfully employed. One of the best things a teenager can do to ensure that they get a great first job is to use all of their assets to their advantage. According to Smith and Kobara,“The way your life has evolved; the things you’ve learned; your achievements, failings, and dreams—these things are unique to you and much more interesting than you realize” (Kobara and Smith). This author talks about how your dreams and achievements can play a role in your life and the things you fail at also can have something to do with …show more content…

Teens do not pay attention to the world and the most important things around them. Teens need to pay attention to important things in the world because teens are our feature and we will need them they can be our next president or our next doctors. “People of all ages are adjusting to a world where ‘facts’ are immediately discoverable, and judgment between competing facts becomes a primary skill” (Anderson and Rainie). Not only are teens adjusting to the world, but people of all ages are having to make an adjustment. It's a good thing that every around us are adjusting to the world around us and learning new things as we go and that judgment is apart of the world we live in today. In conclusion teens are learning how to use their assets in their favor and are adjusting to the world around them and using social media as a way to help them in the world in order to find a great

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