Teens : The Negative Effects Of Chain Smoking

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The causes of chain smoking vary from a teenage trying to fit in to an adult smoking to relieve stress. People who chain smoking know the negative effects on the body, but they sometimes do not care how they are affected physically and mentally.
The first and most likely reason a teenager begins to chain smoke is a teenager thinks it is “cool” to smoke because they see others smoking. A teenager might also be curious why others smoke or the worst be pressured into smoking by they friends or acquaintances. In a teenagers mind, they think smoking is “cool” because they see it in video games, movies, or their friends smoke. Teenagers wants to fit and be accepted by their peers, so they mimic what their peers are doing even if it is not good for their body. The second reason a person might begin smoking or worse chain smoking is they see in their everyday life. Their close friends, mom, dad, or other family members smoke and since a person is strongly influenced by those closer to them they they smoking is okay. In these cases, people are predisposed to smoking and more likely began to smoke than someone that lives in a smoke-free environment. The third reason a person may began to smoke is stress. People use smoking as a coping method for stress and people say that the nicotine in a cigarette is calming. The nicotine is first inhaled in the lungs then rushes through the bloodstream affecting the entire body and brain. Once the nicotine reaches the brain, it then starts

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