Television And Its Impact On Our Lives

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As any devices we use in our everyday life, television is a part that can provide many several opportunities to identify the concept of the world and how it goes as we are not being in everywhere around the world of course. The TV is a portal that teleports you to another dimension which may let you explore and see the variety of people’s ideas, beliefs, values and other significant things that some people believe in. Television can be defined as an extremely efficient style of interacting which has an ability to show kids to various experiences and thoughts that could be conceivable (Hancox, Milne & Poulton, 2005). Television introduces many programs that children could be part of them like cartoons, movies series,
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TV show can exchange the precious time that kids use for doing homework and reading the lessons that the school provides to feed their brains with the necessary knowledge to a time that children waste by watching cartoons and non-educational movie and other TV displays. According to Hancox, Milne and Poulton (2005), the time which the children waste watching those shows may change many educational activities like homework, reading or inventive games. Like the wisdom says” early start, grow smart”, Tv prevents children from keeping all the worthy information. Learning from educational institutions can be beneficial for young people and parents want the compatible approach for their children to earn knowledge so they can face the life after growing equipped the weapons that erase the ignorance from their dictionary. In 2005,Just like Hancox, Milne, & Poulton said ” higher IQ and socioeconomic status were associated with better educational outcomes”, the child’s brain is like a machine that needs the appropriate fuel to work and produce high quality of concepts and beliefs which can introduce the perspective of life whether in good or bad way and it depends on the fuel that the TV and parents provide for children. In other words, Tv can affect the understanding of concepts and if it is positive or negative for the age of the person, and the Acceptance of the method. Therefore, the child’s intelligence can be impacted depending on what the child is watching and whether is
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