Ten Reasons For Baby Crying

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10 Reasons of Baby Crying

Growing up, we often have this misconception that babies cry for no rhyme and reason. Well, even I did. Whenever I used to see babies near me, I was always the first one to cuddle and fondle them. However, the minute I heard them crying, I used to run for the hills. It wasn’t until I gave birth to my daughter, that I truly realized the beauty behind those cries.
Babies cry. A lot. It is their only way of communication.

Listen Carefully

When my daughter was born, the cries seemed so normal. I thought okay, she’s just crying. It wasn’t until my pediatrician told me that babies communicate this way that I learned that they do more than just crying. They have no other means of communication, so they communicate through their sounds to tell you what they need or want. They try to make weird and unusual sounds that range from the delightful to the downright weird. My Pediatrician told me that I needed to listen carefully and then after some time I’d be able to differentiate each cry.
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This is the most common reason for a baby to cry. Although your baby has a very small tummy but as they poop often, it gets empty and your baby feels hungry again. So try offering your baby some milk when he/she cries; it might be due to an empty stomach.
#2. Tiredness

Unlike adults, babies are not able to sleep on their own all the time. It might seem surprising but your baby may be overtired and still be unable to go to sleep. If you see your baby crying and yawning and getting irritated, it’s possible that he/she is tired and needs a nap. Often babies tend to resist sleep but if you know that it well past their sleep time and the baby is cranky, you must try and put your little one to
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