Terri Mulcahey Leadership

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Terri Mulcahey is one of Northwood University’s 2016 Distinguished Women honored for her leadership in her workplace and community. She currently works as Penske Automotive Group’s Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development after 20 years working as Reynolds and Reynolds Company (Penske Automotive Group, Inc.). Ms. Mulcahey attended Northwood University after receiving a scholarship and with family history in the auto industry she had a desire to continue the legacy. She did just that as her first job was a customer training consultant for Reynolds and Reynolds in 1987 (Harris). After working her way up in the industry, Terri Mulcahey has served in various leadership positions with a great focus on her employees and mentorship …show more content…

One of my favorite questions that she addressed was, “Is it possible to have a family and also be successful at work?” Her response aligned perfectly with recent discussion in class, “We only have one life and I believe that family comes first. If my son has a basketball game, I make being a fan in the stands a priority. With all of the technology being tied to a desk is no longer required to get the job done making it easy to work from various locations. I think it is important that my employees have the same opportunities with their families so I tell them that if they have a family event to leave early or take time off to attend. Employees typically return this time ten-fold with enhanced effort and dedication to their work.” Recently in class we discussed the difference between a boss and a leader, Terri Mulcahey is a clear leader. Mulcahey is a leader because: she coaches and mentors employees; she inspires enthusiasm and passion in the workplace; she makes time for things that count including her family; she shows concern for her employees; and she works to develop future industry leaders (Are You a Boss or a Leader). During an interview Mulcahey was asked to explain her leadership style and without hesitation she identified her style as servant leadership with …show more content…

As I look forward to graduation in the spring, I prepare myself for the great challenges I may encounter while envisioning a future executive position that allows me to make a difference in my industry. Mulcahey has taught me how important it is to be a fair and honest leader; if I can take time off for family events then my employees should have the same opportunity. Similar to Mulcahey, I grew up in a family invested in the automotive industry however unlike the experience she is giving her son my parents were hardly around and I wouldn’t change my experience because it has made me who I am. However, I hope to provide an opposite experience for my children demonstrating that proper leadership overflows into all aspects of one’s life. Looking to the future, I find great interest in her involvement in Penske’s mentor program as I believe that the best way to learn about an organization’s culture and operations is through an employee who has been with the company. Ms. Mulcahey explained how important this program is to her because when she began working for Reynolds and Reynolds as a college graduate she happened to be paired with the President and CEO of the company (Harris). While this was intimidating for her at first she quickly grew to see the benefits she was reaping from meeting with her mentor once a week and has now brought

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