Terrorism And The Effect Of Terrorism

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Fox News is not a credible source for viewers to watch because they racial profile and scrutinize minority groups including Muslims. When a white men commit an act of terror, why are they are never called terrorist? Why does the word terrorist only apply to Muslims? Who can be a terrorist? Is labeling something an act of terrorism only applied to someone who commits an act of terror? Or is it only directed towards a specific group of people such as Muslims or brown people who “look” Muslim? According to Lydia O’Connor, Muslims have faced discrimination and hate for their identity since the tragic 9/11 terrorist attack. Muslims are specifically targeted because of how the media such as Fox News defines “terrorists”. In America, Fox News is one of the largest cable channels in mainstream media. Millions of viewers are exposed to the redefinition and reframing of terrorism and the labeling of the word terrorist. Fox News lack of accountability for their misuse of the word terrorist consequentially contributes to the bias label only applied to Muslims and most brown individuals. Nearly sixteen years later, Islamophobia has only progressed and the word “terrorist” became a word that is only applicable to people of a particular racial or religious identity. The word terrorist is only used to identify alleged Muslim terrorist not all individuals who commit acts of terror. The term terrorism has become politicized because it has inspired political action, laws, and

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