Terrorism Provocation toward the Enemies

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Terrorism is fundamentally propaganda, in most cases it is a very bloody form of propaganda. The perpetrators of a terrorist act declare what their objective was, their declaration of the act should carry credibility, no matter what one thinks of the objective or the method used to achieve it. The difficulty lies in the definition of “terrorism” over the years it has been difficult to define into one definition, therefore the term is broadly used. The word traditionally conveys the political meaning, the deliberate use of violence against civilians and property to intimidate or coerce a government or the population in overreacting and engaging the terrorist. One question not fully understood, why does the terrorist tend to provoke their opposition with their terrorist acts. This provocation mostly has to do with propaganda in support of the terrorists’ objective and agenda. It is a means for the terrorist group to know if their object is making any impact. It is impossible to answer the question of whether terrorism works unless you know what the goal of the terrorist group is striving for. Terrorist individuals or groups have primary and secondary motives. Their primary motives may be to achieve independence or withdrawal by nationalist groups or the replacement of the worldly law with religious law by religious groups. Terrorist group’s primary motives are generally not common among the groups but their secondary motives are common among all types of
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