Terrorism : The Dangers Of Terrorism And Terrorism In Australia

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Terrorism, the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, mainly in the pursuit of political or religious claims. Terrorism has become a word that has now been plastered around every media outlet, appearing almost every day in some shape or form. The terrorist attacks occurring on an international level and the attempts in Australia, are leaving bystanders susceptible to the fear of being attacked. Hence as with most fears, people tend to avoid it. With terrorism, most of the population tend to place their fear on certain religions and ethnicities. The main religion that the population usually associate terrorism with is Islam, which leads to the fearing of people of Middle-Eastern backgrounds. This interconnection between Islam and terrorism can be explained by a variety of factors. These factors include, the terrorist attacks happening on an international level that are being claimed by radical terrorist organisation such as ISIS, the response to these attacks by biased media outlets and people of power. This is shown with a survey that was conducted that revealed that almost fifty percent of people believe there should be Trump-like ban on Muslims entering Australia.
After a terrorist attack, an immediate response often follows from a terrorist groups such as ISIS, ‘claiming responsibility’, for the attack. In more recent attacks that occur on an international level such as the Barcelona Attack and London Bridge attack, ISIS claimed

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