Terrorism in the World

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The terrorists set off the bomb in the tower’s underground public parking. The suspected mastermind of the bombing was Ramzi Yousef. The suspected intent of the “1,500-pound urea-nitrate bomb” was to generate hydrogen cyanide gas that would kill everyone within the tower. “The terrorists apparently selected the World Trade Center as a target not because it was a symbol of Western values or the financial power of the United States, but simply because toppling the twin towers would enable them to inflict a large number of casualties (Tucker, pg200).” The motive bombing the World Trade Center was to ignite terror among the population and kill as many people as possible. Ramzi Yousef was motivated by hatred for the United States and to weaken US aid and support for Israel. This attack had operational, theological and psychological motives behind it.
On June 27, 1994 a terrorist attack happened on the quiet Japanese neighborhood of Matsumoto when the chemical nerve agent sarin was released. The suspected method of distribution disbursement of the sarin was from a van equipped with a heating pot and fan. This sarin terrorist attack killed seven people and injured over 200 people. The motive for the Matsumoto sarin attack was for a trial run for the future deadly sarin attack on Tokyo subways which aimed to kill as many people as possible. In…
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