Texaco and Chevron

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[pic] RESEARCH PAPER SUBMITTED BY: SISA, MARILYN VILLAFLORES, CYLLEN D. BFA AA 4 SUBMITTED TO: MRS. ARACELI JAYNE CANONIGO-CULIBRA, MMBM I. COMPANY PROFILE Chevron is one of the world's largest integrated energy companies. Headquartered in San Ramon, Calif., we conduct business worldwide. We are engaged in every aspect of the crude oil and natural gas industry, including exploration and production, manufacturing, marketing and transportation, chemicals manufacturing and sales, geothermal energy, and power generation. We're also investing in renewable and advanced technologies. The Caltex brand, as well as all its associated products and services are owned and operated by Chevron Corporation. Chevron operates through four…show more content…
General Environmental Analysis a. Technology Chevron Technology identifies develops and commercializes emerging technologies that have the potential to transform energy production and use. Our business development portfolio includes: a. Biofuels b. Emerging energy applications c. Venture capital Chevron Technology Ventures Investments searches for early-stage companies working on new technologies and helps these gifted entrepreneurs realize their vision. Chevron Technology Ventures champions innovation, commercialization and integration of emerging technologies within Chevron. What We Do Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV) helps Chevron embrace emerging technologies to create new commercial opportunities, reduce costs and improve performance. CTV serves as one of the company's most important technology scouts always searching for emerging technologies that could enhance Chevron's strategies. CTV identifies, acquires tests, validates, and – if appropriate – helps integrate those technologies into the company's core businesses. Alternatively, technologies may be studied then "shelved" for future consideration. Technology Marketing (TEMA) provides its technologies and services to refiners through its two joint venture partnerships - Chevron Lummus Global LLC and Advanced Refining Technologies LP. TEMA also commercializes emerging technologies and provides international technical service to help refiners meet today's challenges. b. Economic Trends In 2007, Chevron
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