Textbooks In The English Language

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Chapter one: Introduction
1. Introduction
1.1. Background and Purpose Nowadays English is important and popular language in all over the world and it become important means of communication, so that people want to learn English as a foreign or second language in countries, particularly in Iran. Education material, especially textbook plays a main role in learning English.
Tomilnson (2011a) defined a textbook as a book “which provides the core materials for a language learning course” (P. xi) in which a variety of issues are covered considering the learning needs of the students within a class. Textbooks are important and reliable resource for teaching and learning English and they are depending on context. Textbooks are valuable in each language classroom and they have several roles in English language teaching and help the process of learning and teaching.
According to Cunningsworth (1995) the textbooks provide the language course as a source for material presentation, activities for learner practice and communicative interaction, stimulation and ideas for classroom activities, and a reference source for learners on grammar, vocabulary, and …show more content…

Authentic material is meaningful to students, challenges their cognitive abilities, and engages them. Many Iranian texts often contain material which fails to raise the interest of students due to the heavy emphasis on vocabulary and grammar (Rahimi & Nabilou). Therefore, these course materials should be revised and in a way that they provide students with opportunities to interact with the material that motivates them to learn (Gibbs, 1992). Further, the textbooks should include an appropriate content consistent with students’ age, preferences and expectations (Tomlinson,

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