Texting And Communication

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As we all know, everyone who has a phone is guilty of texting. Especially those with a smart phone. The use of informal language has become a widespread problem today due to the use of text messaging among one another. Many people engage in conversations and do not even realize that they are using improper grammar majority of the time, along with informal speaking. This also has become very popular in society because of the improper language being used, also known as “slang.” However, there are some ways to try and reduce the use of improper grammar due to the use of shortening words. The way that texting has grown over the years, people have created more and more ways to come up with acronyms for words. Constantly doing something over and over can become a habit. Therefore, if you continue to use shortcuts for every message your type, then you could end up doing the same on assignments, paperwork, and essays. Even an important email to your professor. This also leads to devices are being used more than usual. According to Tina Barseghian, she states that “Some educators (and even a linguistic expert) believe kids who text are exercising a different, additional muscle when texting, writing, and note-taking — and that skill is actually adding to a student’s growing and changing repertoire.” Which is also true. From experience, walking into a lecture class, majority of students are using their phones and/or laptops to take their notes. . The idea of text message is

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