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Texting in class is a very touchy subject, and can be argued from many different aspects. One of the main things though, is that texting in class would not be disruptive just for the student texting, but also to the students sitting around the student that is doing the texting. In this today’s generation, everywhere around us people of all ages and cultures circle around their cell phones in everything they do. Whether we are walking down the road, in the grocery style, in class, or even much dangerously, in driving, cell phones have grown to be a very vital part of our everyday lives. However, when it comes to cell phones and texting in the classroom, a very controversial answer is given between teachers and students. Students say they…show more content…
As mentioned in an article on classbrain.com, 52 % of students text students that are in the same classroom as they are at the same time! (Olanoff, sec. 1) Students think that when their teachers get on to them for texting in class or have such strict policies because they are out to get them, however, teachers do this because they are looking out for the benefit of the students. Many students say texting is both wrong and right. Wrong in that it distracts them from paying attention in class and thus getting behind in their studies. Also, it’s right in that it could be a very important text that couldn’t wait and it wouldn’t hurt to just send that one. When students choose to text in class, it is solely their choice. Teachers with their strict texting policies and their form of punishment, is only done in order to prepare students for life beyond school. The older students get the more responsibilities they will carry at their jobs, and in providing for a family. If they are not prepared at a young age to control their texting while doing something important as paying attention in class or even driving, then they will not be able to control texting while at work which could lead to them losing their job and having trouble keeping a job. It is very hard to do your job right while being distracted every few minutes by an incoming text, and on the same hand, it’s going to be very

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