Textual Analysis Of Becoming Human

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The movie Becoming Human by Nova. I chose this movie because like how they used the technology we have today to try and digitally create the fossils. The film also explained everything they could which is important for viewers that need a push or nudge to open their mind to evolution. Another thing I liked about the film was that it was worded carefully enough for any person with a basic education could watch it and understand it. I feel like that was the purpose of the film to break down such a complicated topic so anyone can understand it and open their mind to evolution. Which I also think was the message that we did evolved but not directly from monkeys like though before. Throughout the whole movie they backed up all the hypothesis they…show more content…
They broke everything down they also defined the words that some people might not know the definition to. They broke down all the hypothesis like the bipedal hypothesis. how they were conserving energy while walking on two legs, could now see over tall grass, pick fruit from tress, and cooled off more efficiently. They also showed where on the bone and how they could tell certain things from that bone. (give example) Since they did all that the viewer doesn’t have to know anything but I think they should have an open mind to it to understand all the advances and breakthroughs and not cling to the questions that are yet to be answered. All this relates to class because the whole movie is about how we came to be and are origin of how it all began. Are textbook also brings up various topics that the movie does like …….. and ……. .
Since evolution is a controversial topic it is important to have reliable sources. So I liked that this documentary had many experts from prestigious colleges from all around not just from the United
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