Thai Language And Thai Culture

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Thailand, the only Southeast Asian country that has never been colonized by an European country, name their language “Thai” which means free. The language is believed to have originated from Burma (Myanmar), Northern Vietnam, Yunnan, Chinese and Laos. Many historian believe that Thai people are actually descended from China immigrant who had made their way from China and toward the southeast part of Asia. The Chinese-Thai community is consider to be one of the largest community in Thailand. Needless to say, the Chinese language have such a great influence on the Thai language.
The origin of Thai script is believed to be derived from the Khmer script , which originated from Brahmic script from the Indic family. In 1826BE (or 1283AD), King Ramkhamhaeng adopted and modified the Khmer script to create Thai’s first writing system. Considered to be one of the greatest king of all time, under King Ramkhampaeng’s rules, the Thai culture became a vibrant culture. Sukothai, located between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, is the town where many historians would consider to be a very historical town due to it being the place where the Thai writing systems started as well as where the culture became more intact with the political world. Although Thai language was largely influenced by Khmer’s language, the grammar writing style is something very close to Laos.
Due to where Laos is located, which is towards the northeastern part of Thailand, Thai people from the Northeastern of Thailand
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