Thailand Research Paper

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Thailand is located on the Indochina Peninsula and was named Thailand in 1939. It is 198,117 square miles, about twice the size of Wyoming. Tree-covered mountains cover the northern portion and the southern portion is dense rainforest. The middle land is mostly flat farmland. The weather is mainly hot and humid, only the mountains will get much cold weather, and it only experiences three seasons spring, summer, and fall. Thailand has a population of 68,414,135 and almost half of that lives in rural areas. Those who live in urban areas are commonly located in the largest city and capital, Bangkok. The population is also approximately 95% Buddhist with a small amount of Muslim and Christian. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by King Vajiralongkorn and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha. The United States …show more content…

This group is called junta, which is defined as a military or political group that controls a country after taking power by force. Since the NCPO has gained power by force, there are many people who dislike the junta. Because of this, they have begun punishing news companies for speaking out against them. If a media outlet releases commentaries that are negative towards the junta or the monarchy, they can face intimidation, punishment and even closure. Despite this, many media companies refused to comply and were temporarily forced off the air. They were then allowed to continue broadcasting as long as they agreed to remove such commentaries. Not only has the NCPO tried to silence large media companies, they have also been silencing civilians. There is currently a law in Thailand that bans public assemblies with more than five people. This is to deter protests against the junta. They also continue to stifle free speech with the Computer-Related Crime Act (CCA). The CCA allows the junta to arrest people for sharing their dissent

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