The 1870 Education Act

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1.0 Introduction

Education Act speaks about schooling which mainly emphasizes on students. Education Act plays the role as a guideline or referral point for all aspects relating to education. At current, there are several existing acts on education. One of the earliest ones and recognized Education Act would be the 1870 Education Act which will be summarized, contextualized and evaluated in the following subtopics.

2.0 1870 Education Act Summarized

The 1870 Education Act, universally recognized as Foster’s Education Act, set the structure of schooling for all children aged between 5 and 13 years old (Politics, 2014). Gillard (2011) mentioned that the 1870 Education Act which ‘established school boards to oversee and complete the network of schools and bring them all under some form of provision’ was drafted by Liberal MP, William Forster, and it was introduced on 9 August 1870. 1870 Education Act is the start of obligatory state education (Shaw, 2011). The Act was introduced with the purpose to handle education aspect in Britain (Parliament, No Date). The Parliament (No Date) further added on by stating the act permitted ‘voluntary schools to carry on unchanged, but established a system of ‘school boards’ to build and manage schools in areas where they were needed’. The Act contains three parts and five schedules that deal with organizational issues.

1870 Education Act stated that:
(a) the country would be divided into about 2500 school districts;
(b) School

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