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The Acceptance of Digital Art

Digital art has a fifty-year history of innovation and experimentation with new technology. The Pioneers of digital art were not artists but people who were exploring new visions through computers and the writing of computer programs. According to the Digital Art Museum, which is a joint venture between London Guildhall University and two independent art galleries, digital art can currently be classified according to three phases Phase I of digital art was from 1956-1986. The Paintbox Era, the second phase, lasted from 1986-1996. Art software became readily available and attracted more artists to the new media. Especially useful was the paint program and devices such as the scanner and film …show more content…

It is becoming more widely accepted as an art form but only a few museums and galleries display computer art.

These technological innovations however, have allowed artists to combine traditional forms with new electronic techniques to produce unique and exciting works of art. The computer has increasingly become a versatile tool for digital artists. Many artists are creating dynamic and flexible works of art through computer networks. The digital age is creating a new movement in the art world and the computer is becoming a symbol for this revolution. The future of Digital art is tremendous and it has the capability of transforming how art is defined and created. It is not the tool that determines what is art, but the artist and their personal vision and style. The complexity and diversity of the new digital media will be challenging to artists and allow them a new means to express their vision of the world.

Most people are of the opinion that art must be created in the old fashioned way to be considered fine art. Traditional art is created with pen and ink, brush and paint or chisel and stone. Art generated by a computer however, defies the traditional rules, values and boundaries of the mainstream art community. The computer is considered technical; therefore, it is not artistic. Computer artists must contend with the close mindedness of the traditional art world. The digital media artist is thought to be less skillful than a painter or sculptor

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