The Act Of Design, By Architects And Designers

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The act of design is acknowledged by both architects and designers. Within current debates on design, one recurring interest seems to be the lengthy debates regarding better understanding of the ‘Designers Viewpoint’, more significantly, the conventional question,’ What is design’. The single word of design embodies a recurring interest offering a wide range of perspective and not just limited to architectural practitioners. A significant comparison of writers dedicate themselves to the oppressing task of uncovering the fundamentals of design. When analysing architecture, whether we are aware of it or not, we need to fuse into our thinking range, not just words but a range of concepts and issues. By this it suggests that when we use the word design, we immediately make certain assumptions about it and we surround it with concepts that inform us or that we take to be part of. When we think of design as being of an actual physical building or graphic proposals for a future building, whether we think of it as a set of intellectual ideas about the nature and the meaning and the future of the discipline of architecture itself, we nevertheless subscribe to it certain characteristics or certain requirements or if you like, certain associations. Regardless of where architecture was, when it was produced, it necessarily had an appearance, it had an outward form. Irrespective of whether the architecture was actually built, whether it remained a kind of paper proposal if you like, it

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