The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traditional And Traditional Printing

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Traditional and electronic publishing have one goal, but they are different in their definitions because of the changes in publishing over time. For example, Lancaster (1995) mentions that the electronic publishing has a different way of connecting one author to another author through the Internet; this has redefined publishing, as we knew it. Besides, it gives them the chance to pass the information in an easy and fast manner. He also states that the electronic publishing continued to develop progressively during the different time periods (Lancaster, 1995). That means the system of electronic publishing requires different types of products to publish the information for people since the older products or methods are not advanced enough to …show more content…

Inferring from that, there are advantages and disadvantages of both the traditional and the electronic publishing. First and foremost, we already know that both the electronic the traditional publishing have the same aim. However, they are different in term of advantages and disadvantages and what we focus on is that the electronic publishing has more advantages than the traditional publishing in term of facilities and ease of use. We must acknowledge that most developments have the ease of use and speed that the simple machines of the past did not. To compare, one of the advantages of electronic publishing is the ease of viewing the electronic version of publications which people can look at online in the comfort of their homes if they like. In contrast, the traditional publications like books are not that easy to access or view with the click of a button on a personal phone or computer. Moreover, electronic publishing is easy to publish whereas traditional publishing is more difficult because it has more steps. First, the author writes the material, then another proofreads it, and then it goes into the publishing house where it takes a long time to publish. Another advantage of electronic publishing is the low cost of publishing while traditional polishing is costlier and more time consuming. For all the reasons mentioned above, there has been an exodus from traditional to electronic publishing which has weakened traditional publishing into near

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