The Adventures of Jackey: A Short Story Essay example

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Jackey woke in a cold and lonely room. There was no light, save for a tiny breach below the door which was maybe four feet away from her. She tried to stand but couldn't, her hands were tied above her head to seperete ends of a thin steel pole. and her legs were wraped in make shift rope. Clothes were bundeled up infront of her - she assumed that it was removed from the pole above her to make space for her to be bound. She caught on quickly to just what was happeneing. She pieced together her memories - tiny parts of what happened earlier appeared in her minds eye. "Holy fucking shit" She remembered what she could only describe as a ghost attacking her and miss Smith. "Why would a ghost lock me in a closet?" she said under breath as she…show more content…
Jackey looked over to him one more time before standing , he was carrying a limp body on his back. "We need to go now!" Carl reached down and pulled Jackey up with a rugged tug tghat flung her against his chest. Her soft skin was in perfect contrast with his bloodied and broken. Her face was slightly bruised but that too was a contrast to his battered face. The three of them moved out into the hallway as a single entity. in the distance were roars and demonic screeches and Jackey hesitantly let Carl lead her. "Carl where were you? What's going on?" She nagged with the same questions a few times as Carl remained silent. "Frankensteins monsters have come back to haunt their creator... and she couldn't fend all of them off" Jackey was more confused than ever. They walked into the room of Stacy's cabin where the fireplace looked out on the wild. the windows and most of the walls had been ripped away and a giant wolf lay dead infron of the fire, black blood still oozing from a wound in it's throat. "Is that what attacked you?" Jackey asked still naggin in Carl's ear. "Yes- but please Jackey i need you to be quite if you want to live through the night" Outside in the snow there was a comotion - Carl noticed it and he pout Stacey down in the corner of the room she was out of sight. Then carl reached for a makeshift dagger he had made out of a shard of glass and cloth. He placed it in Jackey's hands. "I have to go help her - but if anything come your way, play dead and
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