The Advertisement For Campari Liquor

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In the Advertisement for Campari liquor featuring Eva Mendes, there are numerous components and employed techniques that both enhance and alter the way the audience perceives it. One of the first aspects of this image is the way light is strategically used. In the background of the scene, we see light peaking through a somewhat ominous over cast sky. The lack of light in some areas of the sky gives sets the scene as mysterious and malicious. The light peeking through the clouds however provides a sense of glory and power. Light is also used to highlight the models skin, particularly on Mendes. This alongside with the light that is shining behind Mendes gives her a seductive and mystical appearance. Lastly, a small sparkle of light can be seen on the top of the bottle of Campari. This draws attention to the bottle and also pairs it with Mendes giving it an alluring and enchanting essence as well. Alongside with light, color also plays a subtle, yet significant role in the audience’s perception of the ad. The dress worn by Mendes is a creamy off-white color. This color reflects light and combined with the highlights on her skin gives Mendes an imperious and elegant glow. The off white color also portrays a sense of innocence however an innocence that is not entirely pure. Another prominent color in this ad is red. The red found on the bottle of Campari is paired with the red ropes are used by Mendes to control her male companion. The color red, which is the most visible

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