The Affordable Care Act ( Aca )

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a primary debate topic since it was enacted in 2010. The conservatives completely disagree with the Affordable Care Act and believe that “Democrats used it as an assertion of power than they used it to improve health care conditions” (“Republican Views on Health Care”, 2014). They believe that the act was a waste of taxpayer’s dollars and would inevitably ruin our health care system. In contrast, the liberals supported the ACA and “pride themselves on the fact that health care costs are growing at the slowest rate since 1960” (“Democratic View on Health Care”, 2014). The liberals believe that every American should have access to health care by making premiums affordable. However, in order to do so …show more content…

Under President Obama’s administration, more than “16.4 million uninsured people gained health coverage” (“The Affordable Care Act is Working”, 2014). Voting records by party: The Affordable Care Act was definitely a Democratic piece of legislation. The Republicans “firmly opposed the act and not a single Republican voted for the final version that Obama signed into law” (“Republican Views on Health Care”, 2014). Republicans thought that this piece of legislation would ultimately cause the demise of our health care system. The U.S. Senate authorized the H.R.3590 bill by a vote of 60 to 39 (“H.R. 3590- Senate Vote #396”, n.d.). The U.S. House of Representatives authorized the H.R. 3590 bill by a vote of 219 to 212 (“H.R. 3590-House Vote #165”, n.d.). Furthermore, the bill was sponsored by Democrat Charles B. Rangel. It was co-sponsored by thirty-seven Democrats and three Republicans which are: X. Becerra, S. Berkley, E. Blumenauer, G. Brown-Waite, J. Courtney, J. Crowley, A. Davis, D.K. Davis, L. Doggett, B. Etheridge, B. Filner, A. Green, L.V. Gutierrez, B. Higgins, H.C. Johnson Jr., W.B. Jones Jr., S. Kegan, R. Kind, J.B. Larson, S.M. Levin, J. Lewis, J. McDermott, J.P. McGovern, K.B. Meck, W. Minnick, D. Moore, R.E. Neal, B. Pascrell Jr., G.C. Peters, T.R. Platts, E. Pomeroy, L.T. Sanchez, A.Y. Schwartz, I. Skelton, F.P. Stark, J.S.

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