The Affordable Care Act Issued By President Obama Essay

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The Affordable Care Act issued by President Obama has been a law since March of 2010. The law has its pros and cons, and it has been endorsed or rejected by those who oppose or support it. Over the past six years, the longevity of this law, many more debates, arguments, and questions have ensued to improve such a law that has impacted so many citizens. With the new president on his way into office, it has prompted the following questions, What will happen to the Affordable Care Act, and what will happen to the future of healthcare? President-Elect Trump mentioned a draft for a new concept for healthcare and he stated that Obamacare will become a thing of the past, but the questions remain, “ How much of the Obamacare will prevail and how much will be changed or repealed entirely?” President-Elect Trump issued a seven-point health care reform plan that is a preliminary version of the concept of what he would like to do. Furthermore, this eludes to Trump’s vision to, “…repeal and replace Obamacare with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), work with Congress to create a patient-centered health care system that promotes choice, quality, and affordability, work with states to establish high-risk pools to ensure access to coverage for individuals who have not maintained continuous coverage, allow people to purchase insurance across state lines in all 50 states thus creating a dynamic market, require price transparency from all health care providers, remove barriers to enter into
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