The Age And Gender Of A Person

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My study shows that the age and gender of a person is not a view into how they are going to act within a shop environment, as each person is different. It was easy to see that time and money were the main factors as to how people acted in the shop whether they were rude or needed our help. It was very interesting to watch how the view of men shopping has changed dramatically over the past few years as men are now seen to enjoy shopping and make up nearly 30% of our total customers. Seeing how much the shop means to my manager and how she picks products that she knows the customers will like, made me happy that I worked in a small gift shop rather than a big department store when no one had authority except certain people. …show more content…

Each of the 9 customers will be different whether it is gender, age, product, and cost of product. They will be chosen at random as I feel as though I will get a more in depth response from people I have chosen that day rather than regular customers what come into the shop. It is important to use sampling data for my report as from these 9 customers I will be able to get an idea of why certain groups of people tend to go for the same products and how taste and habits change as you grow up.
One limitation I may have with my sample is that some customers that I may ask to be involved will not accept and therefore will have to find other customers who may not help with my study as much as the first person.
I will also be sampling the manager of the shop and how she chooses to buy in which products for the shop and why. I think this is important because I will be able to find out why some products are repeat buys into the shop and why they are popular and it will also be interesting to know why some products are not chosen for the shop and why others have beaten them.
I have a part time job at Behind The Red Door and therefore I am able to watch customer habits weekly. However, for my report I have asked the permission of the owner of the shop and spoke to the manager to see if I could carry out my observation throughout the day instead of trying to remember it all and then writing up my

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