The Age Of Modern Medical Miracles

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The twentieth centuries and the late nineteenth have always been referred to as ‘’the age of modern medical miracles’’ (Scutchfield, 2003). And this adage did not respond positively in today’s health status in America. Research has proved beyond reasonable doubt that, over the past hundred years, the community of pubic health (PH) developed a very comprehensive method and contributions for public health workforce, but was in vain (American Public health association, 1983). Thus the workforce (of public health) suffers from several limitations such as some public health professionals and workers outside the governmental agencies. Why is this so? This is because the concept has not been properly defined to the understanding of the public health workforce. Thus a lead to incompetency in the fieldwork, unable to function in a more effective way versus an in depth of the concept becomes less. More so, it’s very difficult to identify certain specific types of public health professionals due to other affiliations associated to their job. Having said that, most of them (PH agencies) do not have roles in health issues (health resources and services administration, 2000). Thus making the picture of public health unclear versus workforce also unavailable.

To this effect, a decision was made by the health resources services administration (HRSA), which estimated the workforce in the public health sector and divided among three levels of government. And this includes, the federal
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