The Agency : The Administration For Children And Families

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Shayla Owen
Assignment #1
The agency that I chose was the Administration for Children and Families. This organization really sparks my interest because I find family as the most important think in a childs life. This organization’s parent agency is the Department of Health and Human Sciences.
This organizations main goal is to provide help to those familys and children who need aid. There are several tiers at which this organization has pledged their help. In their strategic plan they have 5 main goals in which they have go into detail as to what each main goal will accomplish.
The first main goal of the ACF is “Promote Economic, Health, and Social Well-Being for Individuals, Families, and Communities” (ACF, 4). With in this section it breaks down further how they are going to help the families out. They also break it down into where that particular sub-goal would help with in other agencies. To name a few agencies that they help with in this first goal are, the Office of Regional Operations, the Office of Child Support Enforcement, and Family and Youth Services Bureau. This first goal mainly focuses on how the ACF will be helping the families who have a lower income, helping out the community, to help families make healthy choices with in their relationship, helping those in the low income families finding work if need be, and help allow families get affordable health care.
The second main goal is structuered much like the first goal. This goal is “Promote

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