The Aging Of Population Aging

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Aging of population (also known as demographic aging) is a summary term for shifts in the age structure of a population making them looking of elder aged person . A direct consequence of the on going global fertility rate decline as well as make the society less working and aging causes lot of health issues too , population aging is expected to be among the most prominent in whole world . Population aging is progressing rapidly in many developing countries as well as developed nations too , but those countries or nation with high rate of rapind increase of aging among people rapidly effects the entire nation whether it is work or it’s mortality rate . This eventually affecting the entire world. Population aging has many important socio-economic and health consequences . It presents challenges for public health as well as for economic development as there is shrinking and aging of labor force, possible bankruptcy of social security systems . people of canada is getting effected very much aging as they are not getting much opportunities in their fields and person who realted to fashion industries are highly effectd by such aging .
In this research I am going to show the effects and after effect of the aging in coming decades and showing the demographic look of it . This is not an alarming issue of the day but its consequences may have adverse effect on the society and economy as well. So the upcoming paragraphs provides a demographic profile of this age group,
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