The Ai : Boon Or Disadvantage

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Temperamental AI: Boon or Disadvantage in Creativity? Artificial Intelligence has gained an increasing amount of wind in the past few years. Allowing machines to do most of our work for us allows us to focus (or not focus) on different aspects of our life. However, the question must be asked, will giving AI human-like emotions and thought processes actually help us be more creative or discourage us to “think outside the box?” First and foremost, we need to understand what a Temperamental AI is. As the name suggests, it is an artificially intelligent being that is capable of understanding emotions such as stress, happiness, and even sadness. Incorporating emotions into an AI mindset allows us to have a closer “human-like” experience and …show more content…

Allowing machines to be emotionally sentient would allow us to have the information we need while also making us less lazy than we already are. An example of a temperamental AI out in the real-world today is the one developed by Meet Carrot. Carrot is an excellent example of what AI would allow us to achieve if emotions were attached. Carrot, the AI construct with a heart of weapons-grade plutonium, incorporates to-do lists, fitness regimes, alarm clocks into our day to day lives allowing us to become more focused while not taking away any creativity from the human mind (Carrot). For instance, in the to-do list mode of the app, the AI has temper incorporated into it. If the user decides not to use the app for a few days, the AI is furious that the user became lazy and not used the app at all. Allowing emotions to play an important role in this AI’s mind helps us organize life and work by being an overlooking figure in our life (Sadun). This temperamental AI’s mind helps us lead a more creative and useful life than before. Another boon of having temperamental AI is that we would become more creative than we already are. As mentioned above, AI has a better ability in finding patterns from previous art forms. A clear-cut example of such creativity is the “Painting Fool” by Simon Colton. Colton’s AI has been trained on thousands of years of artistic forms and, it has learned to convert one art form into another (Moss). Having an actual AI that has learned to convert

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