How To Achieve Goals In Life Essay

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Some people are successful because they are destined to be such. But most people are more successful because they are determined to reach this goal. We just know what we want and how to achieve it. You would probably have laid out your plans for your life already, and that you would exhaust all efforts just to attain what you desire. But sometimes, we question, how come no matter how hard you try to perfect things the way you planned it, circumstances would not allow it? You start thinking, were your efforts not enough to achieve your goals? Or maybe it is just not meant to be? Some people may be too controlling of their lives and get burnt out fast. When this happens, your mindset tends to shift and they turn into a complete opposite of what they used to be. …show more content…

Just when you think you are good, you can actually be better. Never settle for mediocre, but try surprising yourself and reach far beyond what you can imagine. Your success in life does not rely on fate, but it depends on the effort you put in achieving your goals in life. The quote has a similar theme with the first two lines of the second stanza in the poem “If”. It is okay to dream and visualize your goals in life. But do not let it control you without making it into reality. In life, you may experience the highest of the highs and lowest of the lows, which will both teach you to become a better person. Know that we all have our strengths and limitations, which defines who we are. Correlating the quote, the poem “If” and the poem “Still I Rise” altogether, they all speak about knowing one’s self serving-worth, not relying on chances or what other people dictate, but rather making your dream into reality despite the difficulties you will face in life. You make your choice and you will be responsible for whatever actions you

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