The American Auto Industry Face Many Environmental Challenges

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The American auto industry face many environmental challenges. Some of the challenges they might face are demographic, political, global, technological, economical, and socio-cultural. All of these aspects can either make or break an organization. Which is why there are many rules and regulations that help the companies stay on track.
Global Competition Based on the global market share statistics for 2014, the leading auto manufacturer was Japan’s Toyota Motor Corporation with 11.6% of the market shares. Ranked in second place was Germany’s Volkswagen AG with 11.1%. Third was the American General Motors Company with 8.2%. Continuing with order of rank is American Ford Motor Company in fourth place, and in fifth place it is a tie between Japan’s Honda Motor Company Ltd and Italy’s Fiat SpA with 5.9%. In the lower ranks is Nissan, Daimler, BMW, and SAIC (Statista, 2014). As seen by the statistics, the biggest competitors for America are Japan and Germany. In the past America was the front runner in the auto industry, which changed in 2009 when the American auto industry crashed. Recently there have been a steady climb in the American auto industry. With this improvement America is becoming one of the top auto manufacturers again.
New Technology America has seen many new innovations within the auto industry. One remarkable innovation is Google’s self-driving system. This invention can help with traffic congestion and increase road safety (Tomar, 2015). Another astounding
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