The American Daycare Micro Culture Has Changed Our Culture Today

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According to psychology human beings do not develop long term memory until the ages of 3-4. I however remember specifically only picture moments from those years. I know that during that age I was attending Top Kids Academy an American daycare owned and principled by my mother Roselene Guex. The very few glimpse and memories that I have are a dodgeball hitting me in the face and riding a tricycle down a hallway. The things I have learned from that daycare however, still stay with me till this day including how to write, read, and even know words of English. Daycares are nonexistent in many countries including in Haiti even frowned upon. So my main question coming into this how the American daycare micro culture has shape our culture…show more content…
So what I decided to do to start off this project is I went in to interview my mom and ask her a few simple one of these questions was how you deal with the different diversity that comes into her daycare. She replied saying “ black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim , Christian , Atheist we don’t discriminate we treat everyone the same it does not affect the teaching whatsoever, the only time it effects our program is for example when a Muslim parent ask that we not serve chicken to their child and we respect their wish.”
Another question that I asked was how you decide what food to cook for your students. She replied saying “Based on the health pyramid which is a series of 5 levels required by the department of nutrition.” Looking deeper into this I found that this health pyramid was created by the Harvard school of health and the 5 levels include daily exercise as the first, vegetables with fruits, healthy fats and oils, and whole grains for the second level, Nuts, seeds, beans, tofu, fish, poultry, and eggs for the third level, Dairy supplements for the fourth level, and meat,, potatoes, salt, and sugar for the fifth and final level.

Another question I raised was how Top Kids ties in to their curriculum of teaching everyone to respect the differences in culture and race. She replied saying “that the teachers are to remind children of the golden rule” which is treat others how you would like to be treated. A common and straightforward way that proves to be very
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