The Wellness Of Children Is Always A Debate Regardless Of Where You Go

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School Nutrition The wellness of children is always a debate regardless of where you go. What foods are considered nutritious? Who is responsible for making these choices for our children? I have paid attention to the types of foods that are made available to my children over the past few years and I am not impressed. Three out of four days the menu has fried foods, such as mini corn dogs, popcorn chicken and chicken tenders. The vegetables are always frozen and fruits come from a can. These options may fit the food pyramid but I am wondering why our children can’t be given fresher options. Food options like these do not help the increasing obesity problems that our children are currently experiencing. This paper intends to show how fresher food options are better and what the plan is to go about implementing these improved options for our children and how it will help to reduce childhood obesity. My priority issue focuses on bringing healthier food menus and a dietician to schools and this paper will try to address the importance of how providing healthy meal options and support can help improve the health of children and reduce the prevalence of obesity in our children. I believe that if we can offer healthier food options that the children will choose them.

Key Strategies I have tried several methods of contacting who I may think is the person/policy maker that is responsible for making changes to our district’s school nutrition policy. I emailed the Superintendent,…
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