The Wellness Of Children Is Always A Debate Regardless Of Where You Go

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School Nutrition The wellness of children is always a debate regardless of where you go. What foods are considered nutritious? Who is responsible for making these choices for our children? I have paid attention to the types of foods that are made available to my children over the past few years and I am not impressed. Three out of four days the menu has fried foods, such as mini corn dogs, popcorn chicken and chicken tenders. The vegetables are always frozen and fruits come from a can. These options may fit the food pyramid but I am wondering why our children can’t be given fresher options. Food options like these do not help the increasing obesity problems that our children are currently experiencing. This paper intends to show how…show more content…
I finally received a return email from the Superintendent and he stated that The Director of Food services and Pat Bono were the ones to contact. I am currently awaiting responses from them. It has not been easy as waiting for emails or calls to be returned is difficult. In my trials I have discovered the emails are the easiest as when I tried an impromptu visit they weren’t available. If I am able to achieve my goal of giving my presentation I plan to show them: 1. Cost comparisons of how purchasing fresh over frozen/canned is better for our children 2. How offering healthier options can help reduce childhood obesity 3. Give them ideas/examples for improved and more appealing food options Below is a table that shows a sample cost of purchasing carrots and how many servings you can get. As the table shows purchasing fresh costs less and more servings are achieved. With this in mind why are schools not purchasing fresher options? Food as purchased, AP Purchase Unit Servings per purchase unit (EP) Serving Size per Meal Contribution Purchase Units for 100 Servings Additional Information Carrots, canned Sliced Includes USDA Foods No. 300 can (15 oz) 5.88 1/4 cup drained vegetable 17.1 1 No. 300 can = about 8.5 oz (1-3/8 cups) drained, unheated carrots Carrots, frozen Sliced Includes USDA Foods Pound 9.87 1/4 cup cooked, drained vegetable 10.2 1 lb AP = 0.95 lb (about 2-3/8 cups) cooked, drained carrots Carrots,
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