The Nutrition Teaching Strategies For Grade Three

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The nutrition teaching assignment focused on grade three children (who are seven to eight years old). The importance of teaching nutrition was evident through observing the children 's daily eating patterns. According to the grade three health curriculum, Canadian Food Guide has already been introduced to the children. Therefore, my teaching primarily focused on reviewing the Canadian Food guide as well as providing a thorough explanation about the four different food groups. Assessment The children in the ages of seven and eight achieved the ability to perform concrete mental operations and the children are able to mentally classify objects according to the quantitative measurements (Piaget 's theory, Potter et al.,p.314). As Erikson 's theory stated, the children in the age group of seven to eight years old develop a sense of competence in learning new skills and successfully achieving tasks can lead to a more positive attitude toward work in the adulthood stages of life (Potter et al.,p.318). Therefore, the teaching strategies for grade three students mainly focuses on simple logical explanation, opportunity for listening, reading, writing and visually seeing (Neil, 2012) so that the children can say, write and learn incorporating VAK learning styles to help them understand the topic. The two social determinants of the grade three children 's health focused on in my teaching plan are "healthy child development" and "individual health practices" (Potter et al.,p.8).The

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